Doesn’t “php artisan make:auth” Work Anymore? Read This.

With the newest Laravel version the php artisan make:auth is not available anymore. Moreover, you might haven’t noticed, but with the newest version, the front-end scaffolding was also dropped from the framework. This means that Bootstrap, Vue and make:auth is not available anymore when starting a fresh Laravel install.

The main motivation to move the front-end scaffolding from the framework was to provide an ability to develop and version separately from the framework. As of Laravel 6.0, instead of using php artisan make:auth we will have to use this php artisan ui vue --auth, which gives us some more options and flexibility.

To download the Bootstrap and Vue front-end scaffolding you will need to install laravel/ui package using composer and the fire up the ui vue -- auth command using artisan. This is an example below:

composer require laravel/ui --dev

php artisan ui vue --auth

After installing the front-end scaffolding and authentication, you will need to compile your build with npm.

npm install

npm run dev

More options on php artisan ui

php artisan ui
Screenshot of the new php artisan ui

There are more things than you can do with the new php artisan uicommand. You can choose between 3 available presets: bootstrap, vue and react. Also, if you don’t need the authentication scaffolding then just drop the --auth option. This gives us some flexibility. For example:

php artisan ui vue 

php artisan ui bootstrap

php artisan ui react


This is a nice move on making Laravel a more robust framework. However, there are more changes that were introduced in Laravel 6.0. If you are not familiar with all of them, please consider reading this article. Good luck!


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